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Teeth Straightening Solutions

Have you ever been embarrassed to smile because of crowded or misaligned teeth? In addition to providing the best restorative care possible for his guests, Dr. O’Donoghue offers orthodontic treatment. Orthodontics not only straighten a crooked smile, but it can also help correct an unbalanced bite, resulting in both a beautiful and healthy smile. Braces aren’t just for teenagers anymore; twenty to thirty percent of orthodontic patients are adults who want to achieve their optimal smile. Today’s orthodontic appliances are also much more comfortable and less noticeable than in the past, with smaller bracket designs and clear braces. With today’s orthodontic options, you don’t have to settle for a crooked smile!

Wilckodontics - Braces in ¼ the Time


4 Months in Treatment


Invisalign – No-Wire Braces
Invisalign is a no wire technique where we use a series of removable clear trays to gently move teeth into proper position. Many guests do not want to have wires and metal braces. In these cases, Invisalign is a great option!

Straight-Wire Braces - Traditional Braces With a Twist
Traditional braces can be all metal, or we also offer ceramic brackets which make the appearance of braces very low profile.



Veneers - instant orthodontics in one appointment

Instant ortho/braces with veneers- Veneers can be used to close spaces, change angle of teeth so they more in-line, lengthen smaller or worn teeth and/or enhance misshapen teeth. The possibilities will amaze you. Discuss veneers with Dr. O’Donoghue to see if they are right for you.

Biobloc - Facial Growth Guidance Treatment

The goal of this treatment is to improve oral posture and help young individuals' facial growth develop correctly. Biobloc was developed in England over 35 years ago. The goal of this treatment is to correct oral posture so the face can grow normally. Improper oral posture causes overbites, cross bites, over crowding, open bites, and under bites. In proper oral posture, at rest, the lips touch just slightly but are not strained to hold together. Often we see open oral posture, where the lips are always apart and this causes all sorts of oral issues and facial discrepancies. Biobloc works by guiding the upper and lower jaws into proper alignment so the face can grow as it was meant to. There are two steps to this process. The first positions the upper jaw ideally and the second step positions the lower jaw correctly and to fit with the upper jaw and teeth.

The goal is to achieve better facial balance. This also helps in the development of the airway space in the back of the throat. Think about it: if your jaws are too far back, where does the tongue go? The most common position is for the tongue to go down the throat. This causes impeded breathing. We have even seen adults years later, not having had this facial imbalance corrected and they have other oral posture problems such as snoring, sleep apnea and possibly have to wear an oxygenated mask at night, neck and head strain, and the list goes on. Biobloc has its best results with children from ages six to eight yrs old. If your goal is only to straighten teeth, this can be done at any age and by many different means. Biobloc is not for everyone, so discuss this treatment with Dr. O’Donoghue to see if it is right for your child.

Please take a few days to observe your child with respect to the following questions.

Is your child hoarse in the morning, when first awake?
Does your child stop breathing while sleeping?
Do you notice puffiness or circles around your child’s eyes?
Does your child awake sleepy and hard to rise out of bed?
Does your child sweat at night without being hot?
Does your child breath mostly through his/her mouth while sleeping? 
During the day is your child a mouth breather?
Does your child snore?
Does your child suck his/her thumb or fingers?
Do you assist your child with brushing?


You deserve a smile that lights up your life! Call our Fairbanks dental office today to reserve your personal consultation with Dr. Craig O'Donoghue. We don't want anything to stand between you and your ideal smile and optimal oral health. If finances or comfort concerns you, please tell us so that we can design a treatment plan that suits your unique needs.

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