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Neuromuscular dentistry is the scientific art of finding and using the relaxed position of the head and neck muscles to place the jaw into an optimal physiologic position. Thirty years of research and clinical experience have shown this technique to be effective in treating patients with various levels of head and neck pain. It is also used to find the optimal jaw position before restorative dentistry and greatly increases the longevity of restorations and natural dentition.

As a neuromuscular dentist, Dr. O’Donoghue includes the muscles, nerves, and supporting structures of the mouth in a thorough evaluation.

A poor bite can lead to a wide variety of problems:

  • Headaches
  • Worn, chipping or cracked teeth
  • Cracking, chipping or breaking dental restoration
  • Pain or soreness around the jaw joints
  • Neck, should or back pain
  • Facial pain
  • Clicking, popping or grating sounds in the jaw joints
  • Limited jaw movement or locking jaw
  • Numbness in you fingers and arms
  • Congestion or stuffiness of the ears

These problems occur when the muscles of your jaw are not in their optimal relaxed position.

Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD), Myofascial Pain Dysfunction (MPD), or Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ) is a chronic condition that affects 40 million people at any given time. Worn, shifted, chipped or broken teeth as well as broken fillings are signs of a misaligned bite (occlusal disease). Treating the cause of these problems begins with the underlying conditions.

To correct TMD or misaligned bite, the jaw is brought back into a muscularly balanced position, through sophisticated computer analysis. We use low frequency Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulation (TENS) to relax the head and neck muscles and determine a muscularly-oriented jaw-to-skull relationship. We also use TENS in combination with jaw tracking to close the jaw and find a position that is compatible with the relaxed muscles.

Electromyography (EMG) is used to objectively look at the electrical activity in the muscles and sonography (ESG) to evaluate joint noises.

Sophisticated instruments have been used in medical specialties for years and are being used in dentistry to measure muscle dysfunction of the jaw, a major component in many headaches. This data is analyzed and combined with tomographic radiographs (specialized x-rays of the joint) to diagnose the problem. Once the problem is diagnosed, an individualized treatment plan is developed that most often leads to improvement and or elimination of pain.

We have been able to help many people, who previously have been unable to find relief, with new techniques and objective computerized data.

Whether you are considering major restorative work or suffering from chronic TMJ pain, neuromuscular dentistry can have a positive long-term impact on the outcome of your treatment and your overall health.

We invite you to talk with us about how the neuromuscular approach to your dentistry can enhance your life.

You deserve a smile that lights up your life! Call our Fairbanks dental office today to reserve your personal consultation with Dr. Craig O'Donoghue. We don't want anything to stand between you and your ideal smile and optimal oral health. If finances or comfort concerns you, please tell us so that we can design a treatment plan that suits your unique needs.

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